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In the workplace, Cross-Cultural Competency refers to your ability to interact with people's behavior and values from their varied cultures. Learning to glean unique perspectives dramatically increases creativity, teamwork, and overall company health.

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Vision: To help you creating happiness and a prosperous goal  in professional and individual life

Mission:  To help others understanding that cultures create new opportunities and benefit in many ranges.

Can an organization have more than one culture?

Can one culture be better than another?

How does culture affect workplace?

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What is cross culture relationships?

What different cultures can teach us?

Cultures benefit in many areas ...

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Crosswork Network is a platform to provides valuable multicultural resources to people interested in searching for  cross-cultural training, business networking, human resources and other useful information. Also, this site will provide some guidance for individuals who want to improve their careers, financial goals, and self-learning.  The founder's idea is hoping to create a positive influence on others during the pandemic -  Let 's cross culture and cross work together!

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Let's share the useful resources and services here to toward common goals to grow your business and help others need. 

     Present your services, talents,  ideas or your story here~~

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