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   Life planning & goal audio learning give people who would like to have a positive change, this course will be helpful,  and I decided to provide an affordable cost for everyone. (help self and help others) 


What Are the Benefits of Learning How to Set Goals and Plan Your Future?


Many of us feel overwhelmed at some point in life and need re-focusing to get our life back on track and pursue what we want. It is effortless to let your life pass by and never find the time or mental clarity to assess what is important to you. Thus, attending a goal-setting audio training or workshop that help your participants understand how to plan for their future can be very useful for them. This course can give them a foundation and guidance on setting goals and taking charge of their lives.


Who is benefiting from this training?

  • An HR department- makes a positive change to increase productivity and reduce the stressful workplace.
  • People who are looking for a career change or re-thinking their priorities in life
  • Employees, at every level, who need to find a better work-life balance
  • New graduates or students who want to make a successful plan in their career and personal life in advance
  • Self-employed, who wants to offer something different to the customer or improve the manage time to achieve the goal
  • Individuals who face an uncertain future, who wants to make a life change .


Training methods:

  • Audio E-Training, you can repeat to review the content, motivating yourself to make a positive change and develop a better plan!
  • Virtual Training: Select to break it down into one or two hours modules on different days or one-day training (in person or virtual either)


At the end of the training, your learners can:

  • Analyze what drives and motivates them in life
  • Focus on areas of their life that they want to develop
  • Set powerful goals
  • Devise a plan to achieve their goals
  • Identity strategies to put their plans into action
  • Monitor, review, and revise their plans.


Group Training Schedule:

  • 6-12 people in the group
  • Every 1st or 3rd weekends ( Sat or Sunday) or Weekdays Money to Thursday at 6:00 PM
  • Cost: $ 250 Per person ( Provide additonal individual guidance )
  • Material fees : $30

More details, please contact : 

Life Planning and Goal Setting Audio Training

$150.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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