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Vivian Chang VCing Consulting 

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Hello! My name is Vivian; I was a founder of VCing Consulting (now named Crosswork Consulting). I have permanently relocated to Portland from the San Francisco Bay Area in June 2014. I received my Master's degree in Management of Business Administration from Utah State University and a Master of Science in Human Resources Management from Golden Gate University.


My professional experience included PeopleSoft HCM, Human Resources, ERP Business Analysis, Accounting, Payroll, and Business Consultant. After many years of culturally diverse working experience in administrative services, human resources, and HR technology for companies in the United States and Taiwan.  I love the culture, food, music, photography, nature, art, hiking, and creativity. I hope my multi-cultural experience and background will connect with all of you, 

I now work as a Workday HCM Business Analyst and Strategic Advisor, helping HCM implementation for the public sector. I   keep this site active and offer online training; I hope to connect many professionals with you; let's share the experience and knowledge!

About me:

  • I am a goal-setting oriented person

  • I always want to learn new things

  • I am a creative thinker and problem solver

  • I am an efficient researcher and a quick  thinker 

  • I like to write, read and  collect the valuable information

  • When I work on a project, I always use my analytical skills to gather, analyze

       and interpret prior data to accurately forecast future  

  • As a bilingual person, sometimes, I see myself as an individualist and  also has collectivist as well

  • I like to share what I've learned; what I know too from others and also love to have brainstorming together 

  • I  like outdoor activities, cooking, photography, writing, traveling, music, creativity, and spiritual growth

Work Desk

Projects I help :

Inform & Articles

To provide a high-quality analytical service to help your team to achieve the work. Please send me your inquire and work detail; we can set up a virtual meeting and accomplish the project before the deadline.

"Alone we can do so little ; together we can do so much " Hellen Keller

Continue Growing

Member of SHRM and International Association of Professional Writers and Editors (IAPWE)

"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress...." 


"Diligence is a learnable skill that combines: creative persistence, a smart-working effort rightly planned and rightly performed in a timely, efficient, and effective manager to attain a result that I pure and of the highest quality of excellence."-Solomon Wisdom.

Life is always in progress...

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