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Unlock the Power  of inclusion: Building a Culture of Divesity, Equity, and Belonging, this training resource helps you and your team to explore the transformative impact of inclusion in the workplace. This course will delve into strategies and practices to forster a culture where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives. Let's their unique perspectives. Let's dive in together and unlock the full potential of diversity and inclusion...


Content inclused:

1. Understanding Diversity and Inclusion

2. Cultural Competence

3. Unconscious Bias Training

4. Inclusive Leadership

5. Intersectionality

6.Microaggressions and Allyship

7. Inclusive Communication 

8. Inclusive Recreitment and Retention

10: Building Inculsive Teams

11. Measuring and Evaluating Inclusion Initiatives

12. Sustaining Inclusion Efforts


In the preparation, coming soon.......

People Inclusion & Culture

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