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Why are soft skills necessary?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

"A recent survey of 3,100 recruiters from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and Sweden revealed the most in-demand skills: dependability, teamwork/collaboration, flexibility, and problem-solving. The soft skills are highly transferable, and creativity, responsibility, and communication skills can be applied to any job. Still, those soft skills should include understanding the different cultures since the diverse, global, international working environment extends to any industry. To conduct the cultural communication and understanding that training can improve communication gap or conflict and bias." - SHRM.

"Soft skills" are behaviors, personality traits, and work habits, such as collaboration, critical thinking, perseverance, and communication, that help people prosper at work. In the state that we all hear about soft skills repeatedly, but people have never thought that we might have learned the soft skills from other philosophies or principles, I almost forget what I've learned in my MBA program. One of my professors was an international business consultant who helped many global companies solve problems and improve their management systems through the Yin and Yang concept. I was curious why he is a white guy who has adapted Chinese philosophy in his business and school program. He told me about the globalization we live with; we can't rely on one culture to run the business or associate with other people; if you want to have a successful business, you need to open your mind to learn something different."

"While some leaders are managed for their team's technical abilities, they couldn't ignore the soft skills if they want their group working as a team. The concept of Yin and Yang is the best method for balanced leadership while the leaders press their squad; the Yin strategy is the soft skill to create a harmonious relationship with their teams.

My Yin and Yang Leadership Management training course; is designed to help the leaders who could adopt the Yin and Yang concept to assist them in managing their team during the pandemic. Even though helping remotely, they could use this strategy to support the team to create a balancing culture, building collaboration, emotion, and confidence. When troubles come, the leaders face a bit of challenge. Still, Yin and Yang's balanced approach allows you to balance your leadership skill (soft skills) to reduce the risk, unbalance management, motivate staff, and improve your employees' performance and productivity.

Why not take a chance to learn something new? You might discover a unique opportunity to upgrade your management style or career! However, it is excellent to add the new management concept and use new soft skills to manage your company or life.


Training Courses:

Consider looking into training courses to improve the leadership skills, cross-cultural communication. These courses can provide valuable insights. Some recommended courses, please click here online course.

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