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Through the continuous learning to adapt to the new era

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

I repair many kinds of stuff within a week; I‘ve faced a new technology gap since I stayed at home for a while during the pandemic. I‘ve purchased many new tech items which I could use for my work and home needs. I got headphones, then I returned them and exchanged another brand, I got my WIFI extender, and I returned it and exchanged another newest released product in 2021; I hope it won’t disappoint me. I received the new computer from my work; yet, it took me a few days to adjust all the latest apps and systems. I suddenly ask myself, am I getting old? Aha, no, it’s accelerated rapid technological change, because of Covid-19 forced us to work at home, we rely on technology to help and operate our daily life more than before. We are in the fast technological changeable era; you must know how to use a cell phone to manage your everyday life. A cell phone is a primary tool for everyone now and in the future.

Thinking of the first traditional landline telephone system, it carried both control and signals on the same twisted pair in history ( probably around the year of 1796 or so) ; when you heard the ring or beeper you picked the phone to talk to, you couldn’t see who the person was calling you. Yet, now, we use the cell phone (iPhone) to manage payment, shopping, connect to many different apps, and take video and photos. You do not have any secrets; the system could track you whatever where you are.

Nevertheless, we face a new challenge from 2020 to now; the invisible enemy rapidly forces our human beings to adapt to new living styles. Many new technological solutions immediately assist us in resolving the social distancing and working at home issues. We start zoom meetings; we start working remotely, and we can meet with our peers online a few times a day. Moreover, many new apps provide a creative platform for teamwork; they won't feel broad. The cultural influence flows into the apps, making it easy for different people to collaborate while working at home. Thus, technology strongly influences "

" As cultures change, technologies change, social life changes, and change is inevitable; how do we adapt to this rapid life change? my answer should be "continuous learning."

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