Through the continuous learning to adapt to the new era

I repair many kinds of stuff within a week; I‘ve faced a new technology gap since I stayed at home for a while during the pandemic. I‘ve purchased many new tech items which I could use for my work and home needs. I got headphones, then I returned them and exchanged another brand, I got my WIFI extender, and I returned it and exchanged another newest released product in 2021; I hope it won’t disappoint me. I received the new computer from my work; yet, it took me a few days to adjust all the latest apps and systems. I suddenly ask myself, am I getting old? Aha, no, it’s accelerated rapid technological change, because of Covid-19 forced us to work at home, we rely on technology to help and operate our daily life more than before. We are in the fast technological changeable era; you must know how to use a cell phone to manage your everyday life. A cell phone is a primary tool for everyone now and in the future.

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