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Re-thinking your new life after pandemic?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

We all live in the "prison" likely in 2020; we lose our freedom to do what we used to do. We stay home and have a social distancing; we live in the small world for almost a year, yet, the situation may extend another year. We spend much time alone; we have much time to think about why? What? How? We might think about what I've done in the past and who I am today. The pandemic gives us much quiet time to rethink what I want to be after the COVID19 pandemic.

Have you ever heard we all change our behavior and thinking after every five years? After you graduated from college, you entered the new working environment, the company's working culture and social life will reform who you are. If the COVID19 pandemic has changed our world, then it's time to rethink what you like to be!

Let's have a little fun to test your character & temperament types to discover whether you have changed people's new kinds. If you do, will you rethink your career? Will you want to add the new skills; if you work remotely, what is the best remote work suitable for your old /new skills?

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