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Life Planning and Goal Setting

Updated: May 31, 2022

Are you feeling unmotivated ?

Many of us feel overwhelmed at some point in life and need re-focusing to get our life back on track and pursue what we want. It is effortless to let your life pass by and never find the time or mental clarity to assess what is important to you. Thus, attending a goal-setting workshop that helps your participants understand how to plan for their future can be very useful for them. This course can give them a foundation and guidance on setting goals and taking charge of their lives.

Who is benefiting from this training?

  • An HR department- makes a positive change to increase productivity and reduce the stressful workplace.

  • People who are looking for a career change or re-thinking their priorities in life

  • Employees at every level who need to find a better work-life balance

  • New graduates or students who want to make a successful plan in their career and personal life in advance

  • Training method:wants to offer something different to the customer or improve the management time to achieve the goal.

Training methods:

  • Audio learning: You can repeat learning and have a flexible schedule yourself.

  • Online Training: Training sessions are open for the weekends only

At the end of the training, you can:

  • Analyze what drives and motivates them in life

  • Focus on areas of their life that they want to develop

  • Set powerful goals

  • Devise a plan to achieve their goals

  • Identity strategies to put their plans into action

  • Monitor, review, and revise their plans.

Topics That Will Be Covered to Include:

Analyzing What Drives You in Life

  • Dreams are brainstorming.

  • We are findingg out what makes you happy.

  • Thinking about what, in life, matters the most to you.

Narrowing Your Focus

  • The wheel of life. How to create a balanced life plan that considers different aspects of life, such as health, family, personal development, career, and more.

  • Creating a vision statement for each aspect of your life (what your ideal life would look like).

  • We are narrowing down and prioritizing your dreams for better focus.

Goals Setting

  • I am setting SMART and SMARTER goals.

  • SWOT analysis.

  • We are setting different types of goals.

Devising a Plan

  • Develop a clear focused plan.

  • Breaking down goals into tasks.

  • Action tasks as part of your daily activities.

Action and Motivation

  • Overcoming procrastination.

  • Understanding what helps you keep focused.

Checking, Reviewing and Updating Your Plans

  • When to have regular reviews.

  • Difference between daily, weekly, and quarterly or yearly reviews.

  • What you need to review.

  • Learning from your successes and failures and adapting your plans accordingly.

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