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High Paid HCM Skill Job

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

PeopleSoft HCM skill job

I've worked for PeopleSoft HCM for many years, as my human resources background helps me and makes it easy to be an HCM professional. I can interpret the HR business process into the system quickly and explain to the end-users with a clear picture. For example, most HR staff's functional hiring process understands the concept and hiring principle well, but when they enter the value to the system, it might have a conflict between the real world and system world. They often manage the position; they have to understand the effective date is in the future the incumbent position data will not be overridden until the future date. When transferring an employee to a new position, the three steps are performed within the job data component: 1. Specify a reason for the transfer 2. Change the employee's position number 3. Calculate the employee's compensation. Many update values have to enter the job data, including the work location, effective date, position number, compensation, and action and reason. Each step has entered the correct value into the system. Job data is vitally important in the core HR module. You can't enter the wrong data and information; it will trigger the other modules; the job data is such as a head it is integrated with payroll, benefit, time and labor, and other modules.

The most popular HCM jobs in the big companies are SAP Success factors, PeopleSoft HCM, Workday, Oracle Cloud; some of the midsize companies prefer to use ADP Workforce, Kronos. Many HCM professionals work for contract positions to gain experience; they enjoy working in a consultant role to help each client implement the system or analyze system issues. The pay rate is between $45- $120 above; it depends on your skillset. The full-time salary can be from 80K to 130K. Working in HCM is a great career path for interested people in both HR technology and HR business processes.

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