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Finding Healing Through Colors: A Journey of Transformation

Updated: Jul 6

The year 2023 brought significant changes and challenges into my life and many friends of mine. The sudden loss of my dear mother left me feeling aimless and hopeless upon my return to Portland, Oregon. In the midst of my grief, a simple discovery in my kitchen cabinet sparked a transformation that I believe can help others navigating similar journeys.

The Catalyst: Mulled Wine Recipes from Ireland

In my darkest moments, I stumbled upon a small box of mulled wine recipes from Ireland. The box, wrapped in a dark raspberry color with golden yellow accents, immediately brought a sense of calm and peace. Inspired by these colors, I decided to use them to create a sanctuary within my home.

Creating a Sanctuary

The dark raspberry hue became the backdrop for a cozy living room nook, radiating warmth, harmony, and love. Meanwhile, the golden yellow wall in the kitchen exuded positivity and energy, reminiscent of sunshine pouring through a window. These colors weren't just paint; they became a source of solace and motivation.

Empowerment Through Color

This experience, which I term "colorful healing," empowered me to embrace life's challenges and move forward into a brighter future, even without my mother by my side. It made me realize that her love and support had always been within me, waiting to shine.

A Message of Hope for Others

If you find yourself at rock bottom, struggling with grief, consider the transformative power of color. Here are some principles to guide you:

1. Express Yourself Through Color:

Find colors that resonate with your emotions and aspirations.

Use them to create a space that reflects your journey towards healing.

2. Small Steps Count:

Take small, manageable steps in your healing process.

Every moment is an opportunity to create something beautiful.

3. Embrace Your Passions:

Discover activities and interests that bring you joy.

Allow them to be a source of comfort and distraction during difficult times.

4. Share Your Feelings:

Don't be afraid to open up to friends, family, or support groups.

Sharing your feelings can be a powerful step towards healing.

5. Self-Love is Key:

Treat yourself with kindness and respect.

Acknowledge your worth and the importance of self-care.

Conclusion: Your Unique Journey

Remember, everyone's journey through grief is unique. The goal is not to erase the pain but to find meaningful ways to cope and grow. May this message inspire and provide a beacon of hope for those seeking healing during challenging times.


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