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Color healing for grief

2023 was a critical, rough year for me; many things quickly changed. My dear, lovely mother passed, which is complicated since I‘ve spoken to her daily. The sudden life changed, of course, I feel hurt and sad. I felt aimless and hopeless when I returned to my Portland Oregon home. As I stood before the blank walls, frustration and sadness consumed me. But then, I opened the kitchen cabinet; I saw the small box of mulled wine recipes I bought from Ireland on my last trip. This unique wine recipe small box is wrapped in a dark raspberry color with golden yellow line circle on the edge. When I see the colors, I immediately feel calm and peaceful. I painted my walls with these colors, creating a sanctuary that reflected my emotions and longing for something extraordinary. The dark raspberry hue enveloped my single accent wall in the living room, creating a cozy nook that radiated warmth, harmony, and love. The golden yellow wall in my kitchen radiated positivity and energy, like the sunshine pouring in through the window. It became a beacon of motivation, pushing me forward into a brighter future, even without my mother by my side. I realized that my mother’s love and support had always been within me, and now it was time to let it shine. With my walls painted in colors bright and bold, I felt empowered to embrace life’s challenges and create a beautiful future for myself. I called it colorful healing during this grief process; it works for me and empowers me daily to feel better and regain my positive energy to live with hope and a purpose in life.

I hope my short story inspires others who have hit rock bottom to find their path toward healing and growth. Discovering the power of color and motivation helped me turn a new page in life, and it can do the same for you. And remember, the most important thing is to be true to yourself and your unique journey.

Embrace your passions and interests, and don’t be afraid to share your feelings with them. I always live in every small step count; every moment is an opportunity to create something beautiful. Keep moving forward, stay positive, and always believe in yourself. And self-love is key -treat yourself like royalty because you deserve it! I hope you enjoy reading my short story; if you want to learn how color could heal your emotional pain, I will share how to discover your empowered colors.

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