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Expanding your business or services to another country can help you open up new markets and new opportunities.  When you do business overseas, you'll need to consider the cultural mandates of each country in which you do business. You will also need to ensure you understand how to communicate with different cultures or negotiate the best deal if you work with overseas products, even online businesses or services.


This training course will help you understand culture type, custom, attitude, negotiation, communication, and avoid uncertain problems.
You will improve your cultural understanding and win the business efficiently. However, the training will help you to reduce the social barrier and improve productivity.




What you will learn in this course:

  • Cross-Cultural Challenge
  • Differences in Negotiation Styles

  • Communication/Interaction

  • Understand Business Customs and Etiquette

  • Punctuality in Different Cultures

  • Avoidance Cultures

  • View short films about cultural behavior mistakes 

  • Other Support Resources (Basic concept of Yin and Yang & Conflict Resolution-see the attached documents)


The course contents include:

  • Facing Cross-Cultural Challenge
  • Differentiation in Negotiation Styles
  • Communication/Interaction
  • Understand Business Customs and Etiquette
  • Punctuality
  • Avoidance Cultures
  • How to build a strong relationship with international vendors and supplies?

                              -Understand cultural difference

                              -Stop faking understand culture

                              -Using yin and yang strategy 

                              -Consistent communication

                              -Understand their terms and services

                              -Follow the payment rules or agreement

  • Tips and Tricks for Negotiation

                              - Understand communication style

                              - Sensitivity to socialize with people

                              - Who is a decision maker?

                               -SWOT strategy

                               -Show your respect

                               -Review checking list



  • Reviewing cultural conflict, mistake, and negotiation from short films
  • Benefits to understand different cultures


Who should learn this course? 

  • Anyone who is interested to do business or work with other cultures
  • Any industries 


Once you order the class, you will receive the training document through the email. 

We suggest you add Yin and Yang leadership Management training to increase your cross-cultural leadership skill while doing business with other cultures. 


Adding this course, please go to purchase Yin and Yang with coupon " Beleader4U " to get 20% off. 


Online /Virtual or In person training: 

  • $150 per/hr for online/virutal training, a group training cost TBA.  
  • In person or group will provide more practical resources and share the experience /stories. 
  • One hour free consulation after Training



More information request, please  contact crossworknet

Doing Business with Other Cultures

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