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"Elevate Your Leadership Journey with Balanced Leadership! Are you ready to transform your leadership style? Introducing our exclusive Balanced Leadership Training – a dynamic fusion of ancient wisdom and modern strategies. Unlock the Power of Yin and Yang: Learn to seamlessly integrate traditional principles with cutting-edge leadership skills. Holistic Approach: Cultivate a harmonious management culture that values collaboration, adaptability, and ethical decision-making. Impactful Leadership: Elevate team dynamics, inspire innovation, and foster an environment where every team member feels empowered. Who Should Attend? Leaders, aspiring leaders, and anyone eager to enhance their leadership skills in today's dynamic world. To upgrade your leadership to new levels ! 



Once you purchase, the training video will send to you or give you the instruction how to download it. 


In person training $65 per person . (per hour)

or  You can order the training material for internal training use. $ 120 per copy. 

Balance Leadership

480,00$ Precio
360,00$Precio de oferta
Impuesto excluido
  • Session one

    • What are Yin and Yang?
    • Where do Yin and Yang come from?
    • How do Yin and Yang affect our daily lives?
    • What the Five Elements in Yin and Yang are?
    • How to implement the Five Elements in the management process?
    • Adopting five elements into the organization
    • Five Elements organization system intelligence model
    • How to use the tacit signal concept through Yin Yang to diagnose the imbalance.
    • How to adopt the Yin Yang to work for project management and improve performance
    • Understand Yin Yang concept relates to the real management process.

    Session Two

    Yin and Yang Leadership

    • Empathy and Collaboration
    • Intuitive Decision-Making
    • Decisiveness and Strategic Thinking
    • Assertive Communication

    Modern Leadership Skills

    • Transformational Leadership
    • Adaptive Leadership
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Servant Leadership

    Harmonious Management

    • Cultural Intelligence
    • Ethical Leadership
    • Agile Leadership

    Strategic Leadership

    • Visionary Thinking
    • Strategic Decision-Making 


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